Ink and acrylic on large ‘Bread and Butter’ paper.

Down on the floor, working on larger paper, rolling brushes, wiping rags, fluid beneath my fingers, it feels strange to be drawing using liquid instead of dry drawing media. Working on four large drawings concurrently, they cross fertilise marks and layers. In some sections I wipe inky areas away, or erase marks with white acrylic, only to create a muddy grey mess! Some areas are rich with contrasting large and small marks. I enjoy the opposing aesthetic of drawing with a tiny ink pen or a large ball of rags and a household paintbrush.

It feels like limbering up, creating a landscape within which I can go for a walk and start to make some sense of these marks and pull something out of them. I am making gestures, repeated shapes and marks of differing strengths, like practicing my signature, or doodling in the margins of a notepad.

I start to see real objects within the marks, the surface I make can be suggestive of other things. Sometimes I acknowledge these shapes and tighten up an area to become more figurative, highlighting a recognizable form. Other areas I cherish just for the surface, enjoying the lines and layers I see hiding underneath.