Surfaces, layering, sanding.

Excavating. Distressing. Sanding. Scratching. Digging. Smooth. Crevices. Pressing. Printing. Re-sanding. Covering. Revealing. Surprises. Mistakes. Wiping away. Drawing. Re-drawing. Evaluating. Erasing. Traces. Shadows. Previous. History. Smudging. Precision. Ambiguous. Contrast. Re-draw. Erase. Push back. Bring forward.

I am finding a way to re-think how I make work, how I start to make a drawing. Often, in the past, I have been afraid to let areas of a drawing go. So, I purposely erase, paint over, or sand away areas of an image. I want to step outside of my comfort zone, to find out what will happen if I change how I draw, if I let go of an imagined or planned outcome.

As someone who naturally draws using lines, building up an image trying to avoid using predominantly lines, feels strange. I know how easy it is to become stuck in a style of drawing, or remain in what feels safe. I also know how daunting, yet exciting it feels to step away from my ‘norm’, to expand, grow, make mistakes, and find things out!